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Hair Wrap - Woven with Plushtec™

Hair Wrap - Woven with Plushtec™

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Swift Absorption
Cut your drying time in half compared to traditional cotton bath towels!* 

Reduced Frizz
Plushtec™ microfiber causes less friction resulting in smoother, silkier hair

Secure & Comfortable
Instead of a button loop, use our wide and stretchy elastic strap. No snagging. 

Premium Haircare Pairing
Reduce damage and drying time by pairing with a premium blow dryer. 

One Size Fits All
Larger than most hair towels on the market, this wrap will fit your long, thick mane. 

Invest in your hair's well-being and streamline your beauty routine. Transform the way you care for your hair.

*Note: Individual results may vary based on hair type and thickness.

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