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Hair Wrap Aire - Woven with Cu-tec™

Hair Wrap Aire - Woven with Cu-tec™

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Advanced Cu-tec microfiber technology: Woven with the natural anti-bacterial properties of copper, our Cu-tec™ microfiber hair towel not only ensures swift and effective drying but also stays clean longer. The antibacterial copper feature keeps your towel fresh, offering an added layer of hygiene to your hair care routine.

Swift Absorption: Elevate your drying experience with our Cu-tec™ microfiber hair wrap, outperforming traditional cotton bath towels. Its advanced microfiber technology ensures swift moisture absorption, significantly reducing your hair drying time. No more prolonged drying sessions and the damaging heat exposure from your hair dryer.

Light & Airy: Cu-tec™ is lighter than traditional microfiber, ensuring that wearing our hair towel won't lead to any discomfort or neck-aches. Our Hair Wrap Aire is one of the lightest you'll find, ensuring a comfortable and effective hair drying experience. 

Secure & Comfortable: Unlike traditional button loops, our large elastic strap provides comfort and ensures a secure fit without painful snagging. It caters to all hair lengths, from short to long thick hair. 

Perfect Pairing: Maximize your haircare routine by combining our hair wrap with a high-end blow dryer. This dynamic duo, designed to reduce damage and drying time, is a match made in beauty heaven.

Invest in the well-being of your hair and simplify your beauty routine with our Hair Wrap Aire, intricately woven with Cu-tec™. Transform the way you care for your hair. 

Made in Korea. 

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