Cotton vs Plushtec™

Lilydew hair wraps are crafted for superior moisture absorption compared to traditional bath towels, saving time, reducing frizz and breakage, and providing a gentler experience for your hair.

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Smoother Hair

Unlike traditional towels that can cause friction and frizz, our soft and gentle hair wraps will leave your hair smoother, giving you a sleeker, healthier look. 

Faster Drying Time

Our hair wraps are crafted using cutting-edge fabrics, Plushtec™ and Cu-tec™, woven with highly absorbent microfiber. This ensures rapid hair drying, saving you valuable time. Additionally, less time spent under the blow dryer means reduced heat damage for healthier-looking hair.

Secure Fit

Our hair wrap features a large elastic band for a snug fit that's both comfortable and snag-free, ensuring a hassle-free wearing experience.

  • Amanda M.

    “I’ve bought at least 5 different hair towels and this one is my favorite. It’s so soft and it dries my hair so much faster than all the other ones."

  • Ashley B.

    “Love how big it is. I have long thick hair and it all fits. My curls are way less frizzy when I use the hair wrap vs when I don't.”

  • Maria L.

    "I used to hate blow-drying my hair but now I put my hair in the hair wrap and do something else for 15 min. When I take it out, it's already so much drier."

Sick of Drying Your Hair?

Cotton towels don't absorb water the way our Plushtec Microfiber™ is designed to, and can cause frizz and breakage from friction.

Spend less time with your blowdryer and get smoother, healthier-looking results.